Dear Peruse and Muse readers:

Today my entry will be different as I share some happy news in regards to my writing. I have been accepted at to publish a series of poetry. My series is called Ephemeral Impressions ( and will be going live on Wednesday, April 10. If you have enjoyed my poetry on this blog, then please be sure to check it out. I would love your financial support!

With that series being published, I will be taking a slightly different approach to the writing on my blog. I will be letting Channillo get first dibs on my poetry, which means my blog will be devoted to essays, book reviews, updates of my manuscripts, and short stories instead.

Fear not, if you are only following this blog for my poetry, I will still be offering sneak peaks of my poems with direct links to the content on Channillo. I will also have other poems that do not fit with my series that will remain posted on this blog.

I’m very humbled that the team at Channillo asked me to write for them, and I look forward to building an audience over there, as well as on this blog.



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