About the Author

me 2011Cassandra S. has a B.A. in English from Concordia, University, Ann Arbor. She is currently working to get her Teaching Certificate from her alma mater and hopes to student-teach in the fall of 2013. This blog is part of her coursework for Teaching Struggling Readers and Writers

Cassandra (or Cassie) grew up in Fenton, Michigan, frolicking around her family’s three acres and developing an overactive imagination.

Cassie enjoys a variety of hobbies from reading, gaming, surfing the internet, to singing and dancing. She also loves to travel and has been around the world to far off places like London, England; Germany; Austria and Mexico, as well as around the United States to places like Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York City, Florida and Hawaii.

Ever since she could hold a pencil, Cassandra has been writing stories. To this date she has written around 50 stories of varying lengths—from one-shots to multi-chapters—as well as co-written 2 stories with her sister and an internet friend. She is also the author of 2 completed novels and 5 plays, 4 of which were also co-written with her sister. She has 7 unfinished novels to her name, several of which she hopes to complete and have published. So far she has co-authored press releases for her parents’ business, which were published in several national aviation magazines. She has also had 3 of her works published in Concordia University’s yearly journal In the Moment, and this past fall she won second place in Concordia’s Creative Writing Contest, which was the first time she actually was paid for her writing. 


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