Cassie School Photo 2019 Cassandra Elise is a twice-graduated alumna of Concordia University, Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she earned a B.A. in English and a certificate in Elementary Education. She is currently working in a private, Christian school as a 4th grade teacher and as an English teacher to the 5th-8th graders. This blog started out as part of her coursework for a class on teaching struggling readers and writers.

Ever since she could hold a pencil, Cassandra has been writing stories. To this date she has written around 50 stories of varying lengths—from one-shots to multi-chapters, both original and fanfiction—as well as co-written a novel with her sister and two fanfics with internet friends. She is also the author of 2 completed novel manuscripts, and 5 plays, 4 of which were also co-written with her sister. So far she has co-authored press releases for her parents’ business, which were published in several national aviation magazines. She has also had 4 of her works published in Concordia University’s yearly journal In the Moment, and she won 2nd place in Concordia’s Creative Writing Contest, which was the first time she actually was paid for her writing.

Right now she is working on the third draft of one of her novels and the first draft of another one. She is getting ready for Beta readers to take a crack at her first novel. Her desire is that this blog will help create interest in her novel , so people will actually buy her book when it’s published. 🙂 


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