Ode to Anoles

Small and downy soft,Glassy, unblinking black eyes,Lengthy tail of green, Scampering around,Pink tongue jutting from white teeth,Hunting for insects,Basking in the light,or jumping from branch to branch,Cooling in the shade,My little anolesalways make my day brighterand my life richer.


Pedants and Platitudes: Valentine’s Edition

"Remember to get your loved one something special this Valentine's Day." "Hey, Mister Ad Announcer, what if I don't have anyone?" "Sorry, Valentine's Day isn't meant for single people." "Oh good. So I don't have to celebrate it." "That's not true! Anyone can celebrate the day! What about your students? They deserve a Valentine's Day … Continue reading Pedants and Platitudes: Valentine’s Edition


He'san      acquiredtaste,    like a strong, black coffee: bold and hot, with an acerbic   aftertaste, prone to scald if taken in too quickly. The kind   of coffee that people pour in copious amounts of sugar and  creamer, in the deluded hope of masking the bitterness. Butno amount of      sweetness, usually of the mollycoddling and … Continue reading Coffee*