He'san      acquiredtaste,    like a strong, black coffee: bold and hot, with an acerbic   aftertaste, prone to scald if taken in too quickly. The kind   of coffee that people pour in copious amounts of sugar and  creamer, in the deluded hope of masking the bitterness. Butno amount of      sweetness, usually of the mollycoddling and … Continue reading Coffee*



She composes a symphony, not with the dots and lines of musical notes but with the dots and lines of letters. The plot is the melody, consistent throughout. Themes pop up at intervals like recurring motifs, reminding the reader of what is at stake... Read the rest of the poem in my anthology Ephemeral Impressions: … Continue reading Music


She splashes the page with vibrant colors, blues of melancholia, greens of envy, reds of passion. She forms each paragraph with the utmost precision, a balancing act of carefully placed adjectives, nouns, and verbs. Each word, each letter, each line, each squiggle, each dot, is meticulously laid to create the perfect image.... For full poem, … Continue reading Art