A New Perspective

The story below was submitted to Writer's Digest for a short story competition (https://www.writersdigest.com/your-story-competition/your-story-97-submit-now) based on the picture attached to this post. Let me know what you think: Dev had never seen one up close before. Sure, his parents had told him about the magnificent creatures, but it was different to actually spy one cavalierly … Continue reading A New Perspective


Ignoring the Elephants in the Room: A Review of Avengers Endgame

You might be aware that I am a huge MCU fan, and I wrote a rather scathing review of Infinity War which can be found here: https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/peruseandmuse.blog/657. I ended that review by saying the writers had a chance to redeem many of their issues with the introduction of time travel in Endgame, but that I … Continue reading Ignoring the Elephants in the Room: A Review of Avengers Endgame

Why I Write

Have you ever felt defined by one characteristic? The world sees just one facet of your personality and latches onto it with zero compunction. Maybe people only see the dark side of your persona, or maybe they assume something about yourself based on a quick first impression and never take the time to truly get … Continue reading Why I Write

How to Write

Step One: She stares at a blank screen, the unnatural white of the word program flickering like an incandescent bulb about to blow. She adjusts the brightness. The screen plummets into darkness. She adjusts the brightness back up, one click at a time until she is satisfied that she won't get a blistering headache. Step … Continue reading How to Write


He'san      acquiredtaste,    like a strong, black coffee: bold and hot, with an acerbic   aftertaste, prone to scald if taken in too quickly. The kind   of coffee that people pour in copious amounts of sugar and  creamer, in the deluded hope of masking the bitterness. Butno amount of      sweetness, usually of the mollycoddling and … Continue reading Coffee*


She composes a symphony, not with the dots and lines of musical notes but with the dots and lines of letters. The plot is the melody, consistent throughout. Themes pop up at intervals like recurring motifs, reminding the reader of what is at stake... Read the rest of the poem in my anthology Ephemeral Impressions: … Continue reading Music